How Much It Hurts
07 July 2017

Over the years I’ve played a lot of shows. Open Mics, college bars, full concerts, acoustic coffee shops, parties….even casinos. Everywhere I go one song is always requested. And that song has been a staple of how I finish my sets for more than 10 years but I’ve never really set out to record it. Until now.

I first heard “How Much It Hurts” on John Mayer’s Myspace page some years ago. I was immediately taken with the song and, I think for some years, it was the most complex song I knew how to play. I’m always asked if it’s an original but I must give credit where credit is due. I didn’t write it, nor am I the first to even record a cover of it. The original band is Just Off Turner, a California rock group that even took the time to post my version to their Facebook once they heard it. (Thanks guys!)

A few months ago, using the funds from my previous EP, a few shows and some cash gathered from the band we walked into Big Acre, a studio in Grapevine, TX, to make some music.  Teaming up with producer, Singer/Songwriter and friend, Andrew Tinker (Polyphonic Spree, Andrew Tinker), Jeff Bankston (Bass), Chris Dykgraff (Drums) and Dusty Mattson (Lead Guitar) we consumed a lot of beer and made a lot of music. When we all walked out we knew we had special.

Licensing was secured and now the finished product is available in virtually every major marketplace where music is sold. The cover art work came from my good friend and one of Dallas best local painters and artists Steve Defoe.