Christopher Mills is an artist with a focus on creating astonishing music that blurs the lines between various genres, yet remains personal and earnest.

Based out of Bastrop, Texas, Christopher had the opportunity to grow up surrounded by music. Whether sining at home or performing at the local Baptist Church, he kept honing his craft and eventually developed some distinctive songwriting and vocal abilities. Eventually, he moved in with his friend, Cris Womack, who helped him record his first compositions, which all had very personal themes, including relationships, break-ups, and musings about life experiences. Eventually, the two teamed up with a talented bass player, Eric Thompson, and the early incarnation of their band, Eleven Dollar, was born!

The group changed its line-up several times throughout the years, up until their final hiatus in 2013. Following the band’s success in the local music scene and beyond, Christopher continued to performed as a solo artist, and to this day, he can recount over 20 years of songs, stories, and beautiful music. When not busy writing and producing, Christopher loves to spend time with his family, and cover some of his favorite songs with his personal spin!

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